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Hannah's Story

Time Period:
12 months
Total Weight Loss:
3/4 dress sizes

I first started pt with faye when a girl in my office asked me to do buddy up sessions with her. I've always struggled with my weight and Before I started with faye the only exercise I would do would be walking and Zumba classes both of these things I loved but the thought of actually going into the gym terrified me!  

I remember my before my first session with Faye being so worried about what people in the gym would think, but straight away as soon as we started working out I was enjoying it. Faye was great running through what we wanted to achieve and time scales that we wanted to achieve our goals in, I felt so comfortable from the beginning and Faye didn't set unrealistic goals, she understood that my social life was important and this was a change of lifestyle not a fad diet.

We did weigh ins each month and the weight starting falling off, I was also enjoying the gym! It took me a while to go into the gym on my own but now I'm in there or doing training sessions at least 5 times a week. The weight loss now, like it was at the beginning, isn't the most important thing any more. Although I do want to loose more weight, I'm happy with how my mindset has completely changed and the confidence I have gained since being with Faye and how much healthier I feel is better than seeing the numbers drop on the scales every week. 

I am building my strength more and more and it is such great sense of achievement. At the start I was too scared to use any weights let alone the squat rack in the free weight room, but Faye slowly eased me into getting more and more confident with it. Now I am squatting 70kg and hoping to go heavier and improve on my technique. 

It never feels like I'm dieting I really enjoy cooking healthy food that makes me feel and look good on the outside and in. At pt sessions it's great to talk to Faye about food and share different recipes, it makes the whole process really fun. Whenever I am struggling with food or am loosing focus (which isn't often) Faye is always so motivating at the sessions and is always available on text to help out which is really great.  

I have gone from a size 22 to a 16. I still want to drop more dress sizes and weight but shopping is now so much fun and I don't dread the changing rooms, I dread my bank balance more laughing My social life has also improved because I have that little bit more confidence than I did, and with time this will only get better. This is all thanks to Faye and the programme she created for me.  

I can't really explain in words how much training with Faye and joining the Faye's fitness team has changed my life but I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to see how much more I can change! It's a really exciting journey and I can't recommend her enough!


Where do I start with Hannah?! She is my inspiration, having been working with me since day one of Faye’s Fitness. She has gone from a size 22 to a size 16; from a woman with zero confidence who wouldn’t look in a mirror to one who is now lifting heavy weights and going on dates. She disliked herself and thought that the wasn’t good enough, but she’s one of the nicest people I have ever met, and it’s been a pleasure to get to know her. 

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