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Welcome Thank you for visiting my site!

I’ve been trying to create something unique & different over the past couple of years, something that makes me stand out from the crowd and I am confident you're going to love it.

Personal Training is a hard industry to be part of as it is very competitive! In order to gain a great reputation you have to work long hours and it's also a job where you feel the need to 'look the part' because everyone is watching what you do and how you do it. I have been personal training/ coaching women for 3 years now and that was my passion from the beginning. I wanted to be there for those ladies who needed that something extra to get them 'fit'! I love inspiring women whilst still being different to other Personal Trainers.

My niche is that my target market has developed into helping women who don’t have the confidence to visit a gym before/ never exercised before but really want to make big changes to their health. That's where my home gym comes in! My ladies are able to really push themselves to their limits without worrying other people are watching what they're doing and this is what sets me apart from everyone else.

I have also just started with the next phase in Faye's Fitness which is 'Faye's Fitness Retreats. We all know yoga retreats as they're pretty big everywhere right now. Well, my fitness retreat is from the comfort of my home gym and my city of Liverpool. For more information visit the 'Retreat' page and of course if you have any questions I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for all your support!