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Lucy's Story

Time Period:
3 months
Total Weight Loss:

I first met up with Faye at the end of July having seen her profile and information on facebook that was shared by a mutual friend.  As it stood at the time I was unhappy with my fitness regime in terms of not seeing progress and I needed to look at my nutrition due to fixations with fad diets.  I am an active person and was not only training for events such as a triathlon but I was a little obsessed with doing cardio workouts usually at least 6 days a week and not feeling my body was changing.  if anything I was concerned that I was putting on weight which tied in with my nutrition.  I eat well and would not say I am overweight but I can become obsessed with specific fads such as looking at a paleo diet, then concentrating on ketosis and getting sucked into putting my body through "starvation" so that it would use fat as a fuel, but then would confuse my body further by  needing sources of carbohydrates so I literally needed someone external to put me on track. 

After meeting Faye I decided to book a 12 week programme with concentrating on nutrition and also weight training to give my body a bit of a wake up and "tone".   Even though I have worked with her for four weeks, amidst two x summer holidays I have made significant improvements overall: 

My approach to food and  eating is much more "healthy" in terms of  mind set.  I am more conscious of what fuel I am putting into my body whilst not depriving myself. Additionally I feel more happy with the way I look with regarding muscle tone.  I would say I still have a long way to go but already I can see results and when you see results happening you are more motivated to continue. The weight training programmes she has given me to complete in my own time are easy to follow and challenge me, and now I have the confidence to add in different exercise, increase my weights/resistance and I like to be pushed and challenged during my PT session.  

Overall I am really happy I signed up and the long term goal is to keep on track.  I would feel happier at a lower weight than I am now but I am also aware that some fat will be turning to muscle which may not reflect on the scales.  The biggest improvement however is my balanced nutrition and enjoyment of food again.  

A big thank you smile


I always love working with people who have done a lot of fad diets and have gotten nowhere from doing them, as that is where I can push them and get them on the right track into living a balanced healthy lifestyle. Since day 1 Lucy was willing to try 100% on getting the results she wanted and that was a pleasure to watch. This is why I love my job seeing people completely change their habits and finally feel happy in themselves.

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