?> Faye's Fitness photoshoot


I was inspired by my hometown of Liverpool for my very first Faye's Fitness photoshoot. It's where my family and I grew up and it's a place close to my heart.

After my sister's wedding in June 2017 I knew just the person to take the shots, Lucy From Clara Cooper Photography. It was the best decision as the photos are great and capture my passion perfectly. The next decision to make was where should the photographs be taken in Liverpool as there are so many little hidden spots, however we chose Goodness Gracious Roof Garden in OH ME OH MY and the waterfront. A decision I look back on and love, who wouldn't want the iconic Liver Building in the background!

I may be a little biased but Liverpool is my favourite city, it's where I spend a lot of my time whether it be with family, work or pleasure. It's also going to be the city for the next step of Faye's Fitness, which is creating Faye's Fitness Retreats for all you lovely people who want to change their life and start your journey on the path to feeling fit and healthy.