As you may have gathered from my website, my passion is Fitness! I have always been a big fan of keeping fit from a young age, which I think is an advantage in helping me stay on track.

I am going to give you some 'go to's' for sticking by your fitness goals during holidays, events or social outings. A lot of my clients say to me ‘Faye, I'm dreading this holiday or I really don't want to go to that party because I'm really feeling motivated and I don't want to ruin it’.

Do you automatically think as soon as something comes up you can no longer attend because your sticking to the 'new you? Well, you don't have to think that way, it's all about having a positive mindset and the will power as well as remembering you are allowed to have treats from time to time. It's all about moderation and balance!

My top tips…

You're on holiday, at a friend’s wedding, it's the summer holidays, Christmas, a night out or a family meal. These principles still apply wherever you are:

  1. Always start your day on a positive note and eat something nutritious and tasty- e.g. when I go on holiday I choose eggs or another protein base - Eggs/ smoked salmon/ fruit/ yoghurts - something that fills me and the perfect option for that is Protein + Fats.
  2. Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep yourself full- sometimes we think we are hungry but we aren’t.
  3. Stay active - the gym is the one hour I get to myself so like me, I make time for it- even if it's 30/40 minutes! Whether it be at home, outdoors or a gym... YOU CAN DO IT - NO EXCUSES!
  4. Always be prepared!
  5. If your eating out of an evening and you know the restaurant you are going to isn't the healthiest then make sure you eat well during the day and get some heathy fats and protein in your diet so come the evening you can have a treat! You do not need to starve yourself all day this isn't necessary.
  6. When I'm on holiday I like to enjoy family time and be more relaxed as I am very strict with myself and my training is so important to me. On holiday, I tend to eat small during the daytime so maybe something like an omelette/fruit bowl for breakfast. Then for lunch I will choose maybe a goats cheese salad/chicken salad with lots of veg and then dinner I will pick what I fancy of the menu without thinking ‘Is this healthy?' With this, I am finding a balance and going with the 80/20 rule.
  7. Alcohol - If your a drinker, choose a lighter option such as - ‘Gin & Tonic’ or ‘Vodka, soda water and lemon’.
  8. When your full - STOP eating! I eat my meal whether that be a starter + main or just a main depending upon how I feel on the day and when I've had enough I will stop eating rather than picking. Don't eat for the sake of it.
  9. If you are eating out, pick the protein option. I love eating out. I just love food in general so, because I eat out a lot I will pick the protein option - chicken, fish or on occasions fillet steak rather than a high carb dish such as pasta.
  10. Lastly, DON'T stress yourself out. Enjoy these social events and don't think too much into things. The key is you don't need to go overboard. Small treats every now and then without over indulging.

These are the 10 top tips which work for me. I'm not saying you have to do all of these or even that everyone will work for you but they will help you to stay on track whilst still enjoying everyday life.

Give them a try and maybe some will work more than others and help you achieve your goals. YOU CAN DO IT!

Any questions regarding my tips please contact me.